Andrea Burke

Cabbagetown Northwest HCD

Andrea Burke has has been a Cabbagetown homeowner since 1999 (formerly on the east side of Parliament, currently on the west side in the Cabbagetown NW HCD).   She lives in the remarkably well-preserved 1870s rectory of Samuel Johnson Boddy who established the parish at St. James The-Less and held the position of Archdeacon of York.  She is a litigation partner with the firm Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP, specializing in commercial and securities litigation.  She (and her husband) have also restored an 1830’s farmhouse as well as an 1830’s inn in Prince Edward County.  She has a keen interest in architectural heritage and is committed to the Cabbagetown community.  Since joining the Cabbagetown HCD Advisory Committee in 2009, Andrea has focussed on encouraging the Toronto Community Housing Corporation to maintain and protect the heritage buildings that it owns in the Cabbagetown HCDs and she has also liaised with Toronto Heritage Preservation Services on heritage issues impacting the Cabbagetown HCDs.

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