Find a CAHP Approved Professional

The Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP) was founded in 1987 to represent the interests of professional practitioners in many related fields of heritage conservation. The organization maintains the following objectives:

  • to represent and further the professional interests of heritage consultants active in both public and private sectors;
  • to establish and maintain principles and standards of practice for heritage consultants;
  • to enhance awareness and appreciation of heritage resources and the contribution of heritage consultants; and,
  • to foster communication among private practitioners, public agencies, and the public at large in matters related to heritage conservation.

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Directory for Conservators and Restorers of Heritage Properties

The Harbord Village HCD group has compiled an excellent directory of local heritage trades.  This 71-page booklet answers questions and offers tradespeople referrals with respect to restoration of a heritage buildings’ street visible elements – from the chimney top to the garden fence (with roofs, windows, doors, porches, railings and paint colours in between).

Harbord Village HCD Trades Directory

The Directory also gives advice to those who wish to restore their interiors or recreate a Victorian gardens in front of their homes. Do you need to replace an original Victorian door or conduct window repair to a piece of stained glass? Turn a wood column or learn how to uncover the original paint colour of your house? This Directory will guide you on how to do it yourself or how to find the expert who can do it for you — and much more.