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Bike Share Unit Location Concerns

Recently our group, the Cabbagetown HCD Committee, met with Randy Brown, Executive Director of Friends of Riverdale Park West (FRPW) who shared their proposal to relocate the Bike Share unit currently located at the northwest side of Riverdale Park West.  There are several practical concerns that were brought forward that support the need to relocate the Bike Share unit, including its isolated location and unstable installation. Our heritage committee’s primary concern lies with the negative impact the Bike Share unit has on the neighbouring listed heritage sites and its incompatibility with the character of the Cabbagetown North HCD.

The Bike Share Unit is not appropriate at that current site and does not adhere to the Cabbagetown North HCD plan and municipal by-law passed under Part 5 of the Ontario Heritage Act. Our committee respects that the Bike Share Unit is important and should remain by the park, it just needs to be moved away from the 3 Heritage Listed Properties to a siting where there is no Heritage Listed Properties of prominence. We have since discussed the matter in great detail with Kelly Sather, Constituency Assistant to Councillor Pam McConnell, who has been taking a serious look at this issue, as our concerns were deemed to warrant further assessment. Our suggested location at Sumach St & Carlton St was found to be not compatible due to the proximity of the trees on the boulevard and the need for a minimum of 7 hours of sunlight to operate the unit, so they will continue to review options.

To learn more on our rationale, click here. In the spirit of open communication with the community, we invite you to read our  Letter to Councillor Pam McConnell.