Who We Are

The Cabbagetown Heritage Conservation Districts Advisory Committee was formed in 2000 to provide local support and assistance to the City of Toronto’s Heritage Preservation Services in preserving Cabbagetown’s architectural heritage.

The Committee began as a spinoff from the Cabbagetown Preservation Association to get municipal recognition of the unique historic character of the area. Under the dedicated guidance of Peggy Kurtin, the volunteer committee actively researched and documented Cabbagetown’s historically and architecturally significant homes, buildings and landscapes from 1995 until her passing in 2009.

The first official heritage status was achieved for the area around Metcalfe Street in 2004. Since then, all of Cabbagetown east of Parliament has received HCD status, along with the neighbourhood north from Carlton to Wellesley.

The Committee is now working on getting over 600 residential and commercial properties in the rest of Cabbagetown south of Carlton protected by heritage legislation.

The Committee’s members are Cabbagetown residents who serve in a voluntary capacity. In addition, the Committee has recruited four prominent Toronto architects to provide expert guidance and to be a resource for the community.

While the committee is now an independent volunteer board, we value the ongoing expertise and financial support provided by the Cabbagetown Preservation Association.

What We Do

The purpose of the Cabbagetown HCD Advisory Committee is to advise and assist Cabbagetown residents on the heritage guidelines and procedures for renovations and changes to the exteriors of their properties. The Committee also encourages appreciation for conservation of residential and institutional heritage buildings and street-scapes and promotes compliance with the Heritage Conservation Districts’ guidelines.

The Committee meets regularly to review proposals from Cabbagetown residents who are planning to do renovations and/or make changes to the exteriors of their property, as well as review development proposals  and issues in the community that affect  Cabbagetown’s heritage resources and character.

Committee Members

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